Sql Server Setup – Restart computer Failed

How many times have you tried installing Sql Server only to get a fail message stating that your machine needs to reboot.

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This is usually due to some file operation required and can be resolved easily by removing a key from the registry without the need for rebooting. (Note: Do this at your own risk)

1) Run “regedit” from from the run menu (Windows Key + R)

2) Navigate to the following path in regedit

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3) Find the key named “PendingFileRenameOperations” and Delete

4) Hit Re-run and you should be onto the next step of installation.

Simple Regular Expressions in Javascript

Need to remove everything except alphabetic/letters in javascript?

Here is a simple example of using javascript to replace/remove characters

Step 1: Create a sample string

var a = “This is a test of the JavaScript RegExp objectZ”

Step 2: Use a regular expression to remove characters that don’t match the characters you want

a.replace(/[^a-zA-Z]/g, ”)

For more hints and examples in using Regular Expressions

Visit JavaScript RegExp Example- Online Regular Expression Tester

Pretty powerful and awesome one you learn how.