Sql Server Setup – Restart computer Failed

How many times have you tried installing Sql Server only to get a fail message stating that your machine needs to reboot.

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This is usually due to some file operation required and can be resolved easily by removing a key from the registry without the need for rebooting. (Note: Do this at your own risk)

1) Run “regedit” from from the run menu (Windows Key + R)

2) Navigate to the following path in regedit

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3) Find the key named “PendingFileRenameOperations” and Delete

4) Hit Re-run and you should be onto the next step of installation.

How to fix Database cannot be opened because it is version 661

I recently reinstalled Windows and went to load a project within Visual Studio and got the (YSOD as seen below) error that the database could not be opened  because it is version 661 And that the server supports version 655 and earlier.

Basically the issue is that the version of SqlServer Express I had on my new machine was less than that on my old in which I was developing an application in.

So what to do?

Simple !! Update the current version of SQL Server Express on my machine to a newer version.

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Checklist to remedy:

1) Check the current version of SQL Server installed on your machine.

2) Download and install the latest version of SQL Server Express from http://www.microsoft.com/sqlserver

3) Install and voila! All is working.

Sql Server Management Studio Keyboard Shortcuts

Here is the MSDN page for all keyboard shortcuts for all versions of SQL Server Management Studio