SLI Setup – 2 x NVIDIA GTX 960’s (Update 2019)

Some Preliminary Video Discussion (Gus Tech)

Tools Required

  1. 2 x Nvidia GTX960 Video Cards (or two other cards of identical type and memory size)
  2. 1 x SLI compatible motherboard
  3. 1 x SLI Connector (to connect the two card together)
  4. Latest NVIDIA drivers from

Optional Tools

  1. NVIDIA Profile Inspector – This will allow you to adjust gaming profile of an individual game.
  2. Patience and a little bit of work.

List of games that support SLI out of the box

With the latest NVIDIA drivers installed 419.17 (as 20/02/2019)


  • Destiny 2
  • Tom Clancy’s: The Division
  • XCOM: Enemy Unknown
  • XCOM: Enemy Within
  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
  • Grand Theft Auto IV
  • Grand Theft Auto IV: Episode From Liberty City
  • Medal Of Honour
  • Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
  • List of legacy games:

List of games the support SLI with Profile modification/s with NVIDIA Profile Inspector

Note: These settings are likely to be reset with every Graphic Driver Update, but there is a chance new profiles will have been added via NVIDIA so they may begin working.

  • Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (Custom Profile)
    • SLI compatibility bits (DX10 + DX11) :
      0x080000F1 (Hitman 2, For Honor, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Hitman)
    • NVIDIA predefined number of GPUS to use……….. :
    • NVIDIA predefined SLI mode on DirectX 10 :
  • More to follow

Sound card issues, cutting out, jittering, cracking, choppy audio

After a rebuild of my pc I was being plagued with sound issue/s. Everything seemed to be fine, then when watching a youtube clip I would get a stuttering, jittering drop out, this was made worse whenever I would scroll the mouse.

First I unplugged all USB devices . rebooted, started disabling drivers from within windows and had no luck.

Searching the internet I found a cool tool DPC Latency Checker that allows you to find whether your system has drivers that may affect audio performance. When it runs it will show a chart with either red or green bars. Red being bad there are errors, driver conflicts or green everything is. So I downloaded it and ran and here is what I saw.

Bad… bad.. bad.. driver issues as you can see.

2016-05-13 23_16_36-

Just prior to upgrading my PC I purchased a USB3 PCI-express expansion card to give me more USB3 ports, however this one card alone was the bane of all my problems. After removing this card and re running DPC Latency Checker this is the result I got.

2016-11-20 22_30_56-grabs

All green bars, no more choppy audio, a nomrla life again. but a PCIe USB expansion that doesn’t have a home in my new rig.

Hope this helps any of you out when you are ever experiencing any sort of audio issues. Use this tool to check the driver/s.

View users connected to a share in Windows 8

The easiest way to see what users are connected to share on a particular machine is to

  1. open a command prompt window
  2. type “fsmgmt.msc”
  3. hit Enter

You will then be presented with the Shared Folders window (below)


You can now toggle between the different views “Shares”, “Sessions” and “Open Files” to see who is doing what?


Upgrading to Windows 8 RTM Evaluation

Windows Settings



  1. Intel Chipset Update
  2. Check for any missing drivers
  3. AMD Catalyst Software


  1. Visual Studio 2010
  2. Sql Server 2012
  3. AVG Anti Virus
  4. Google Chromre
  5. Windows Live 2012
  6. MSI Supercharger (msi website)
  7. Acronis True Image 2012
  8. WinMerge
  9. Visual SVN
  10. Tortoise SVN
  11. Resharper
  12. SqlComplete
  13. Google Drive
  14. Revaluate Twitter Clients
  15. Try Fence and bins

Connect to Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) via Windows Remote Desktop

Want to use windows remote desktop to connect to an Ubuntu/Linux machine.

All you need to do is install the xrdp package, then open Remote Desktop Connection from Windows.

Step 1:

Install xRDP from terminal in Ubuntu.

sudo apt-get install xrdp

Step 2:

Open Windows Remote Desktop Connection and enter IP address of Ubuntu machine.

Step 3:

Enter login details of Ubuntu hit enter and your done.

Learning Entity Framework

Here are some resource links that will help you get started learning the Entity Framework.
Learn Entity Framework (MSDN site) Entity Framework
101 LINQ Examples – Great Resource to get you started writing queries (C#) 101 LINQ Samples

Working with POCO Entities

POCO Proxies
POCO Proxies Part 1 – ADO.NET Blog – Site Home – MSDN Blogs
POCO Proxies Part 2- Serializing POCO Proxies – ADO.NET Blog – Site Home – MSDN Blogs

POCO Example:

Sql Server Setup – Restart computer Failed

How many times have you tried installing Sql Server only to get a fail message stating that your machine needs to reboot.

Click to see full size

This is usually due to some file operation required and can be resolved easily by removing a key from the registry without the need for rebooting. (Note: Do this at your own risk)

1) Run “regedit” from from the run menu (Windows Key + R)

2) Navigate to the following path in regedit

Click to see full Size

3) Find the key named “PendingFileRenameOperations” and Delete

4) Hit Re-run and you should be onto the next step of installation.

Simple Regular Expressions in Javascript

Need to remove everything except alphabetic/letters in javascript?

Here is a simple example of using javascript to replace/remove characters

Step 1: Create a sample string

var a = “This is a test of the JavaScript RegExp objectZ”

Step 2: Use a regular expression to remove characters that don’t match the characters you want

a.replace(/[^a-zA-Z]/g, ”)

For more hints and examples in using Regular Expressions

Visit JavaScript RegExp Example- Online Regular Expression Tester

Pretty powerful and awesome one you learn how.

Setup 2-step verification with google gmail for additional security

Cool post on getting started with google 2 step verification:

How to fix Database cannot be opened because it is version 661

I recently reinstalled Windows and went to load a project within Visual Studio and got the (YSOD as seen below) error that the database could not be opened  because it is version 661 And that the server supports version 655 and earlier.

Basically the issue is that the version of SqlServer Express I had on my new machine was less than that on my old in which I was developing an application in.

So what to do?

Simple !! Update the current version of SQL Server Express on my machine to a newer version.

 Click to see Full Size

Checklist to remedy:

1) Check the current version of SQL Server installed on your machine.

2) Download and install the latest version of SQL Server Express from

3) Install and voila! All is working.